Curated Comments News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Comments conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Google may add public comments for searches (11-17-2018)
This is bonkers: FCC wants to stop reviewing most complaints about ISPs (07-11-2018)
The FCC could ask you to pay to complain (07-11-2018)
WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0 Cheat Sheet (03-11-2018)
In the wake of fraudulent comments, revises API policy (03-09-2018)
Apigee Up Close: Protecting APIs with OWASP Best Practices (03-09-2018)
SEO with Jekyll and Siteleaf (02-13-2018)
Joint Comments Blockchain powered commenting solution for publishers. (12-25-2017)
schnack Open source Disqus clone for static websites (12-18-2017)
Bots and Form Letters Make It Nearly Impossible to Find Real FCC Net Neutrality Comments (12-13-2017)
The FCC Shouldnt Vote on Net Neutrality Until It Investigates Comment Fraud (12-09-2017)
News in Networking: Ciscos Acquisition, Junipers Security M&A, and Elons AI (12-08-2017)
San Francisco put the kibosh on delivery robots for now (12-07-2017)
Zeta Global acquires commenting service Disqus (12-05-2017)
Nvidias new AI creates disturbingly convincing fake videos (12-04-2017)
Public Comments to the Federal Communications Commission About Net Neutrality Contain Many Inaccuracies and Duplicates (11-29-2017)
Amazon debuts Elemental (11-27-2017)
YouTube says it will block predatory comment sections on videos of minors (11-22-2017)
Analysis of 22 million FCC comments show that humans love Net Neutrality and bots really, really hate it (10-04-2017)
6 ways to ensure APIs live up to their promises (09-16-2017)
Why Im Suing the FCC (09-15-2017)
Postal Service needs to capitalize on API user data, report says (09-11-2017)
Austria domain registry rejects US neo (09-11-2017)
Security Vulnerabilities in AT&T Routers (09-06-2017)
Worried about public comments on draft open data policy? Here are the most common sentiments. (09-05-2017)
Four Million Time Warner Customers Caught in Privacy Snafu (09-05-2017)
FCCs Broken Comments System Could Help Doom Net Neutrality (09-02-2017)
Googles comment (09-01-2017)
AT&T absurdly claims that most legitimate net neutrality comments favor repeal (08-30-2017)
Public comments on city open data policies focus on governance, uses and privacy (08-29-2017)
Introducing Kite AI (08-15-2017)
Digitize Your Notes With Microsoft Computer Vision API (08-15-2017)
AWS Announces Amazon Macie (08-14-2017)
FOI Report: UK Police Probe 700+ Cases of Data Misuse (07-26-2017)
FCC refuses to release text of more than 40,000 net neutrality complaints (07-18-2017)
Voter Integrity Commission releases scorching (and unredacted) public comments (07-14-2017)
Ajit Pai not concerned about number of pro (07-14-2017)
Did Trump's Data Team Help Russian Hackers? Facebook Might Have the Answer (07-14-2017)
Net neutrality supporters sent over 5 million emails to the FCC (07-13-2017)
Americans sent the FCC 1.6 million pro (07-13-2017)
Comcast says net neutrality supporters create hysteria (07-13-2017)
Your roadmap to the Google vs Oracle Java wars (05-25-2017)
Replacing Disqus with Github Comments (04-25-2017)
How to build a live commenting feature in iOS using Pusher (04-21-2017)
Googles new project aims to clean up comment sections (02-23-2017)
YouTube upgrades its comments system to give creators more control (11-03-2016)
YouTube is working on a livestream chat API for better comment control (06-12-2015)
Discussing Disqus and DataSift (04-22-2015)
Facebook unveils embeddable videos and unified comments for publishers (03-25-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.